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About Dixie Fried Fabrication

Experience in custom metal fabrication/machinging, for a wide variety of industries.

 What this means for you: You have a reliable and hard-working partner, experienced in high-quality metal fabrication and business operations. You are working with a fellow business owner who absolutely understands your need to balance high-quality production, on deadline, within budget. 

We operate our own shop, and we design and build much of our own tools and tooling.

 What this means for you: You have a resourceful and capable partner. You aren’t limited to what’s “stock”. Innovative methods are used to best fill your project needs with high-quality results. We perform lean manufacturing through intelligent design, to provide economic solutions for you. 

Dixie Fried Fabrication is a small business veteran-owned sole proprietorship.

 What this means for you: You won’t endure death by committee. We can make quick decisions and move to act in your best interests. Our quality standards are reinforced by US military training and service. You are supporting a military veteran and an American small business. 

Lou Junkins


 Lou is the metal moving, fast-flying, BBQ loving owner of Dixie Fried Fabrication. Over 25 years of metal shaping and fabrication have made him more than an expert designer, welder, and builder. He’s a Master Craftsman in the medium of metal. Lou’s work is functional art. And he’s not happy unless his work is literally bullet-proof.  

Lou also serves as an advisor to the San Bernardino Valley College Machinist Technology Program. 

Renee Fisher

Business Manager

Renee serves as Communications Officer, IT staff, Business Planner, Marketing Manager, Logistics, Craft Services, Video Producer, Copy Writer, Stylist, Contracts Specialist, Office Automation, and Truth Speaker.

Jethro Kerr

Head Shop Monkey

 Erich Kerr, aka Jethro, works as the number two man in our two-man shop.  He specializes in leather work (he's actually fantastic at it), assists with general fabrication and design, and lifts heavy stuff.  

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