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Super Notcher

3-in-1 Abrasive Notcher, Belt Grinder, and Flat Platen

Why buy a Dixie Fried Fabrication Super Notcher?

The quality of a notch directly correlates to the quality of a weld. That in turn directly correlates to the quality of the structure. 

The speed of creating quality notches, repeatably, increases the profitability of a project/business. 

Dixie Fried Fabrication's tubing notchers makes tube notching fast , easy, and accurate. 

The American Fabricator

When you make a purchase from Dixie Fried Fabrication, a portion of the proceeds goes to support an endangered species: The American Fabricator. 

Check out these cool features:

Multifunction tool: Tube Notcher, General Purpose Belt Grinder, and Flat Platen. The tube notching assembly is easily removed to install contact wheel for use as a heavy-duty grinder.

Purchase  price includes one  1.5" roller assembly with bearings, the 8" serrated contact wheel, and one 4" x 72" abrasive belt.


Comes with single phase, 220 V 3HP motor. 


Industrial Heavy-Duty Frame, Powder Coated.

Vise Adjusts on both X & Y Axis for Maximum Materials Control.
Roller Assembly adjusts on the Z Axis for ultimate precision and control, allowing for off-set tube notching.
Notches down to 30 degrees
4” x 72” belt is more economical
Change angle of the cut quicker
Does not require additional tooling to make adjustments
Belt tension adjuster
Tubing feed
Belt tracking
Tubing vise for angles
Vise inserts for thin-walled aircraft tubing and  square tubing available
Supports 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-3/8”, 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, 2”, 2.5”, and 3” mandrels. Collect them all!

Due to evolving product improvement, appearance may differ slightly from website images. These changes will not negatively affect product functionality.

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Super Notcher Accessories


Abrasive Belt


Tubing Notcher Overview

Belt Grinder/Flat Platen Function

COMING SOON: The Gator, Vise-Mounted Tubing Notcher!


This little beauty is currently in testing, so we can offer the best darn vise-mounted tubing notcher on the market, and the plan is to offer it for $800 or less to your door with FREE SHIPPING! 

THE GATOR will sport features such as:

  • Notch Aluminum, Steel, and EVEN CROMOLY with ease! No other vice-mounted notcher can offer smooth cromoly notching, seriously.
  • Notch not just the ends of tubing, but NOTCH OUT THE FREAKING MIDDLE OF A TUBE! Hello!
  • A permanently oiled bronze bushing--bushings have superior load bearing capability than bearings. We've tested this extensively.
  • Final testing will confirm the ability to notch extreme angles, all the way to freaking 18 degrees!
  • Acme thread on the vise screw
  • Super heavy duty rugged steel base
  • Notch 5/8" tubing all the way up to 3" tubing
  • Notch round or square tubing, thin wall DOM/Cromoly, whatever floats your boat. Or flies your airplane. Or pimps your ride.
  • We'll be offering our exclusive fine-tooth hole saws that make all notching a breeze. Or use your own. Won't be as good as ours, but whatever, your call.

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