Custom Industrial Production

Working with national franchises and international retail/production companies, Dixie Fried Fabrication fills the niche for the small custom metal fabrication runs. We’ve built custom supports for specially designed retail furnishings as well as custom all-metal products to support their product lines. We also salvage the QA fails from other shop’s production runs–even after the item is powder coated/painted. It’s much faster and more cost-effective to have us fix the fails than to send them back or re-order. 

Custom Architectural Elements/Public Art

Drawing from our extensive metal shaping and fabrication background, Dixie Fried Fabrication provides beautiful and functional custom metal architectural elements for your home or business. From something as simple as a 2-D photo or a hand drawing, we work with the client to give them exactly what they envision, rendered in metal. Whether purely artistic, or art combined with functionality, DFF offers support from the customer’s napkin-scrawled conception, through execution, to delivery.  

Prototypes and First Runs

Dixie Fried Fab works with clients to design and produce prototypes and first runs. Starting from CAD drawings, photos of inspirations, or just pencil-on-paper drawings, you will get your idea realized in metal. We focus on innovative design to make future production as cost-effective as possible. Dixie Fried Fab welcomes small runs that the other guys won’t bother. with.

Custom/Modified Vehicle Chassis/Motorcycle Parts

Located at the heart of route 66, Dixie Fried Fab loves hot rods, rat rods, and bikes. We've done custom work for gassers, bikes, and crazy automotive Frankenstein monster rat rods. Get your project out of your garage and into our shop to be finished and out roaming the streets. 


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